The pandemic opportunity

Hi-Five is a new, earth-friendly brand of hand-sanitizer created by a team of environmental engineers. Pinwheel developed the brand, story, logo, packaging, website, and sales one-sheet to help launch them into the marketplace (on a limited budget).

Most hand sanitizers are polluters

Many hand sanitizers use isopropyl alcohol, which is made from petroleum that’s been sucked out of the ground. Hi-Five is a new, earth-friendly hand sanitizer created by a team of environmental engineers that uses plant-based ethanol made from food waste. Super clean. The startup team had the product, but no brand. Not even a name.

Kill the germs, not the planet

To bring some much needed light to a stressful time—and create a brand that would resonate long after the pandemic—we created a name that had a positive vibe and naturally alluded to the things you generally want to sanitize: hands. Then we created a fun, extroverted logo and packaging that would stand out on the supermarket shelves while conveying the brand’s earth-friendly vibe. Based on that work, we created a website and sales-enablement tools. We also developed their tagline, “Kill the germs, not the planet.”

The project was shelved by leadership

Sadly, the brand never got launched due to some big operational pivots on the client side—namely they went into an entirely different industry. But we’re still pretty proud of this work.

Part of the journey
What we did

The Pinwheel team consistently supported the project even when the company’s internal team dropped the ball. We appreciated how Pinwheel persistently pushed the project through and made it great.”

Jeff Welch, CEO, Chain Reaction Labs

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