Digital healthcare giant takes on chronic disease

Teledoc Health is a multinational telemedicine and virtual healthcare company headquartered in New York that delivers telehealth, telehealth devices, and medical advice. In 2020, they acquired Pinwheel client Livongo in order to help improve their focus on helping people with chronic diseases live longer, healthier lives.

Health often comes down to habits

Behavior change is hard, especially for those who don’t feel the effects of mismanaging their chronic disease until something terrible (e.g. a stroke) happens. Pinwheel worked with Teledoc Health to help members change their behavior through a series of content projects over several years.

Habit change often starts with education

Over several years, we helped people managing chronic diseases understand how to take good care of themselves through guides, email newsletters, in-product push messages, product guides, articles, videos, and more.

Members ate it up

The key to successful health content is delivering it in a way that people want to receive it. That requires understanding your audience on a deep level. Our friends at Teledoc were very collaborative and truly helped our team understand people who’ve been managing chronic disease over a long period. The content performed exceptionally well, increasing member engagement by as much as 100%.

Part of the journey
What we did

30-day challenges

When trying to create healthier habits, maintaining momentum is the hardest part. We designed these 30-day healthy habit challenges to keep people engaged with their habit changes and moving in the right direction. These became Teledoc’s top-performing content format.

Pinwheel delivers great quality. Perfect tone, voice, and style for our various audiences. They always turn things around quickly and can jump on last-minute requests. They have a FANTASTIC can-do attitude and are very open to feedback.”

Megan Cotugno, Director of Content Strategy

Custom-branded illustrations and icons

For brands that have a ton of content and marketing, stock photography isn’t a great solution. It ends up looking like wallpaper and it generally fails to communicate any meaning. Custom graphics are often a better approach. We created hundreds of custom graphics for Teledoc to use in emails, content pieces, user guides, app tutorials etc.

Device tutorial and packaging

Teledoc’s Blood Glucose meter combines advanced technology with coaching to help make managing diabetes easier. It helps you monitor and understand your glucose so you can lead a healthier life. We created this simple in-device video tutorial to help people understand how to check their blood sugar. 

We also designed the device packaging and the Owner’s Manual to help the members understand the system and how it works – including all illustrations.


At the intersection of infographic and guide, these graphical how-to’s were designed to help members understand key elements of their chronic disease management: how to check your blood pressure, how to check your blood glucose, how to do an A1c test, etc. They became cornerstones of the content program and brand experience.

The PDF that Pinwheel recently created singlehandedly doubled our engagement in last month’s newsletter!”

Ryan Crawford, Senior Content Producer, Teladoc

In-app messaging

Managing chronic disease is work. So, oftentimes, people neglect to do the work. They get stuck at certain points in the process and need a little help. So we created a series of in-app messages and spot illustrations that walked members through the process of setting things up and using the tools that Teledoc had provided – at no cost to them.

2,000+ nudges

Procrastination is a big issue in chronic disease management. People often know what they need to do, but they simply don’t. So we created a series of gentle, helpful nudge messages to help restart their momentum. We wrote about 2,000 of these nudges that were delivered in the app and on the devices.

Device nudges

App nudges

Landing pages, email campaigns

Video: how coaching works

Data shows that members who utilize the virtual coaching (which is optional) tend to have better health outcomes. However, it can be a challenge to get members to schedule a call. Partly, they just don’t know what coaching is going to provide them or how it works. So we created a video to help them get over the hump.

Character development

Storyboard development

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