Now fitness is fun-ness

Gaming-powered fitness company PlayPulse was based in Norway, but wanted to launch in the US market. Pinwheel helped them identify their ideal American audiences and develop a brand story, voice, and identity to attract them.

Make fitness fun

Some people want to get stronger, but find workouts and equipment to be a chore. And frankly, fitness companies can be a bit of a downer with their “pain/gain” philosophy. Born out of a university thesis paper, PlayPulse offered a refreshingly new approach: “What if you could marry gaming with exercise?” The company was in Norway, but planned to launch first in the US.

Reposition workouts

Pinwheel conducted qualitative user research across a number of consumer segments and identified the consumer need and product sweet spot. Then we created a fun, provocative but industry appropriate brand voice, story, messaging, and identity that helped position the brand as the first fitness company to harness our love of play to help us get more fit.

A feisty challenger brand

PlayPulse used its new brand to stand out in a consumer-relevant way, gain traction, and build a base of fans in the United States. In 2023, the company secured a financing round and was acquired soon thereafter.

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