Changing employer minds


Opportunity@Work (O@W) needed to create an employer-focused brand story that highlighted the blindspot around screening out job candidates without college degrees. Pinwheel helped create that story and then helped tell it through lots of different content formats while also refining the O@W brand look and feel.

Get employers to listen

Starting about 45 years ago, the use of the bachelor’s degree requirement in job descriptions started proliferating until it was baked into millions of roles — effectively locking out half of the working population. Led by a former White House Senior Economist, O@W advocates for and provides skill-based career opportunities and upward mobility to that population. But it lacked a cohesive story that would break through with employers.

Put a new brand story to work

Using the Pinwheel 5-step process, we created a brand story that everyone could get on board with. Then we helped O@W tell that story through research reports, case studies, landing pages, and more.

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