An SEO traffic-driving machine

Experian wanted a way to generate more traffic from SEO while standing out as a brand that consumers can trust. They reached out to Pinwheel to create a content engine to power their blog.

Stand apart through education

Consumers perceive credit bureaus as being all the same. Experian wanted to brand itself as the bureau that truly cared about people and helped customers understand and improve their credit while also helping them bolster their finances. But that takes content and their content operation was resource constrained, so they asked Pinwheel to become their content partner. 

Up to 100 articles a month

We recruited and trained a diverse group of expert finance writers from around the country and developed a system that could handle up to 100 high-quality, well-researched articles a month. That was in 2017 and, though it has changed and evolved, we’re still growing that team today. We’ve even developed a branded, 45-minute interactive education course and companionate eBook that helps anyone improve their credit IQ for free.

Total category domination

Today, Experian dominates the credit bureau category, is a leading voice in the “Your Money Your Life” Google Search category, and is frequently found in the top five search results for common finance terms. Seeing that the content effort is working, Experian has continued to grow the operation and budget every year.

Part of the journey
What we did

Sample articles

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Credit Card

By Brianna McGurran

What Is an APR?

By Ben Luthi

TSA PreCheck vs. Global Entry vs. CLEAR: What’s the Difference?

By Taylor Medine

How to Use the Equity at the End of Your Car Lease

By Gayle Sato

What Is Pet Insurance?

By Karen Axelton

Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It?

By Louis DeNicola

All of your efforts make this whole process seamless and wonderful.”

Stefan Lembo-Stolba, Content Strategy Director, Experian

I love that Pinwheel only hires expert talent—the work quality is unparalleled.”

John Kim, Content Marketing Manager, Experian

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