Military roots,
commercial ambitions

Develop a powerful brand story and voice that truly captures the value and uniqueness of this small, but mighty fitness provider and allows it to expand beyond the military marketplace.

It’s a classic story

BeaverFit grew to a certain point on the strength of its product, operational prowess, unique approach, and military connections. But to expand that growth beyond the military into the commercial and fitpro realm, they needed a cohesive, compelling voice, and powerful story. Then they needed to infuse that story into everything and build that momentum.

Unique story told in an authentic voice

After discussions, research, and workshops, we created a brand story that stands diametrically opposite of other fitness companies and a voice that captured the true spirit of this veteran-run company. The story: while other fitness companies force you to alter your vision to fit their products, BeaverFit took a truly customized approach — ensuring that you optimize every darn inch of your space.

Brand strength through consistency

BeaverFit reports that the new story and voice are helping them gain traction and stand out. Equally important, it has changed how the company orients itself to the marketplace and how it makes decisions. It has served as both a rallying cry and an organizing principle.

Customer journey
What we did

We’ve got this great brand voice document, so it helps even our non-writers to channel the correct voice and tone.”

Alex Roodhouse, Founder & CEO, BeaverFit

I am honestly blown away with the quality and professionalism we have working with Pinwheel. Considering the tight timeline and scope of the project, we produced high quality materials and storytelling.”

Chris Frankel, Head of Education, BeaverFit

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