Quit Genius

Digital addiction treatment company Quit Genius needed help enrolling the employees of their client companies into their programs. Pinwheel helped them tell their story through emails, direct mail, posters and more.

What We Created

• Messaging Strategy
• Content Marketing Strategy
• Emails
• Direct Mail
• Posters
• Flyers
• Social Media Graphics

The COVID pandemic turned up the volume on substance abuse. That’s when digital addiction treatment company Quit Genius got an infusion of $64 million. 

Based in the UK, Quit Genius built the world’s first technology-enabled, 100% digital clinic to treat addiction in employee populations and reduce the employer’s healthcare spend. After hiring a new Head of Marketing Enrollment, they brought Pinwheel in to reshape their employee enrollment marketing program. We helped them rapidly develop multi-channel campaigns to do just that. 

The new Enrollment Marketer wanted to test a lot of different strategies and approaches to quickly dial in what works. We developed both automated and seasonal emails around health holidays like The Great American Smokeout. To accompany those emails, we also developed direct mail, employer social media, breakroom posters, and more.

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With Pinwheel's help, Quit Genius was able to achieve an 88% member activation rate.

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