A new fitness company out of Europe asked for help entering the US market. We identified their ideal American audience and the story they should tell, as well as the logo and promo materials.

What We Created

• Audience profiles
• Brand voice
• Brand story
• Messaging guide
• Brand identity

Born out of a master’s thesis in Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2015, PlayPulse is like a declaration of war on boring workouts. Part fitness bike and part entertainment system, the effort a person puts into the workout powers the gaming engine as well as YouTube, Netflix or any number of other viewing options. 

Backed by some heavy-hitter investors in the fitness space, the company had identified the United States as the prime place to launch the product. Our first task was to help them understand their key audiences in North America prior to launch. This was delivered in the form of audience profiles. We then created a brand voice and messaging guide that they could use across all communication channels to ensure consistency while maximizing resources.

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Pinwheel helped establish PlayPulse as a feisty challenger brand that offers an alternative to the industry's pain/gain approach to fitness.

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