Livongo is an AI-powered digital health company that helps people manage chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Pinwheel helped establish their brand voice and illustration style and develop in-app content, health nudges, program descriptions, marketing emails, weekly newsletters, meal plans, and landing pages.

What We Created

• Brand voice
• Library of Illustrations
• Library of icons
• Package design
• User guides
• Nurture email series
• Onboarding email series
• Engagement email series
• Weekly newsletters
• Infographics
• App push messages
• Product copy/UX copy, Calendar content
• ~1000 device push messages (“health nudges”)
• App content
• Meal plans
• Landing pages
• Subject-matter one-sheets (e.g. Reducing Salt Intake)

Creating the Voice of the Product

We wrote hundreds of “push messages” that they would send via their connected devices (blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors), each one personalized to the specific “reading” that the user just had. We then helped develop the content for a set of programs called 5-Day challenges (5 days of taking more steps per day, 5 days of getting better sleep, etc.). Throughout this process, it became clear that we were helping them find their brand voice.

New Brand Illustration Style

Livongo wanted to create a unique visual look for content that didn’t rely on photography. While the brand was largely photography based, it quickly outgrew that due to the sheer volume of content requiring companionate images. We partnered with Livongo’s design leadership to develop a unique, ownable and delightful illustration style and a large family of icons to match.

Developing Their First Brand Voice

Having done quite a bit of work on the copy for the brand, Livongo eventually engaged us to formalize their brand voice. This is something that we’ve done for more than 20 companies including Amazon and We worked with their VP of Content and Senior Brand Strategist, and interviewed nine separate internal groups, recording each session. We then created their formal brand voice guide. 

Putting It All Into Practice with Marketing Emails

With all of these foundational materials now in place, we worked on various email programs for the company’s usage marketing team to help inspire Livongo members to be engaged with their health journey. Along the way, we wrote articles, created infographics, and developed landing pages. The company went public about 18 months into our relationship and has been growing ever since.

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Pinwheel delivers great quality. Perfect tone, voice, and style for our various audiences. They always turn things around quickly and can jump on last-minute requests. They have a FANTASTIC can-do attitude and are very open to feedback.

— Megan Cotugno, Director of Content Strategy

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