Hi-Five is a new, earth-friendly brand of hand-sanitizer created by a team of environmental engineers. Pinwheel developed the brand, story, logo, packaging, website, and sales one-sheet to help launch them into the marketplace (on a limited budget). It was a fun and collaborative process that we think comes through in the final product.

What We Created

• Company name (Chain Reaction Labs)
• Product name (Hi-Five)
• Brand identity
• Packaging (23 versions)
• Website
• Sales One-Sheet

Born out of the COVID-19 crisis, Hi-Five is a brand new, earth-friendly hand sanitizer created by a team of environmental engineers. Many hand sanitizers use isopropyl alcohol, which is made from petroleum that’s been sucked out of the ground. Hi-Five uses plant-based ethanol made from food waste that sucks CO2 out of the air first rather than from the ground. Super clean. Pinwheel helped Hi-Five create their brand all the way from naming, to brand story, to packaging, website and sales materials. The budgets were low, so we created a compact process to get the brand off the ground. 

Audience Assumptions: 

You can’t sell anything if you don’t know who you’re selling to. Together with the client, we developed a theory. We saw them as skewing female (60/40) and between 25-65. They’re well educated, lead busy lives, live in urban or suburban environs, believe in science (can’t believe we have to say that) and understand that everything is connected. They may own an electric car, subscribe to EWG’s newsletter, buy chem-free cosmetics, and maybe even donate to the Union of Concerned Scientists. 


The first order of business was to name the product and the parent company. It was May 2020, so a pretty dark time for everyone. To cut through all of that doom n’ gloom, we wanted a name that had a positive, celebratory vibe – a “we’ll get through this together” feeling. We partnered with two naming experts to generate 300+ possible names. After a couple of rounds, we eventually landed on HiFive and started creating the logo. 

Logo Development

We wanted an extroverted logo that would stand out on the supermarket shelves and communicate the brand’s celebratory and earth-friendly vibe. Similar to the naming process, we generated a mess of rough sketches for the client and started to circle around this extremely bold, happy, green fellow right here. Then we blew it out to multiple colors and showed how it would appear in various different placements. 


A good label combines words and imagery to tell a compelling story about the product. In addition to being arresting, differentiating, beautiful, intriguing, and informative, the client wanted a little bit of wit and quirkiness to come through in the packaging. You can see how we added little sprinkles of humor and happiness throughout. We also developed their tagline, “Kill the germs, not the planet.”

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The goal was to come up with a great brand and Pinwheel did just that.

— Jeffrey Welch, CEO, Chain Reaction Labs

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