At its core, Experian is more than just the leading credit bureau. It’s a data company that sells (and white labels) identity protection, credit education, health technology and more. Pinwheel built a giant content engine spanning multiple business units, wrote brand stories for white label partners, created countless eBooks, generated social media graphics, and, well, you’ll just have to read on.

What We Created

• 1000+ blog articles
• eBooks
• Brand strategy
• Content strategy
• Social media strategy
• Social media management
• Social media graphics
• Social media ads
• Blog articles
• Newsletter
• Acquisition emails
• Nurture emails
• Sales presentation
• Conference presentation
• Videos
• White papers
• How-To guides
• Sales training materials
• Internal agency naming
• Internal agency logo
• Landing pages

Experian Partner Solutions

As our reputation grew within Experian, other teams came calling. Experian Partner Solutions is a group that white-labels credit education and identity protection products. In other words, they sell them to companies like Costco or Discover who then sell them to their own customers under their own brand. 

They signed us up to strategize and execute on their entire marketing program. We tackled it industry by industry, showing how their white-label products could help telecom, fin-tech, consumer finance, and insurance companies attract, retain, and monetize new and existing customers. 

We became a white-labeled agency resource

After a period of time, they even signed Pinwheel up to deliver marketing services to their clients. We’ve since worked with Experian on materials for AAA, IDSeal, ScoreShuttle, Costco, and Truist Bank.

Experian Health

The next Experian team to bring us in was Experian Health. They work with over 60% of all large healthcare organizations (mainly hospitals) to create more efficiencies and mine their patient data for ways to offer preventative care. Specifically, they offer revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement, and care management solutions to help hospitals take advantage of opportunities in this value-based world they’re living in.

We hired experienced healthcare writers

We started our engagement by bringing in experienced healthcare writers to create blog and article content for them in the areas in which they play: maximizing reimbursement, using social data to offer preventative care, and more. Over time we worked with the Experian Health team to create eBooks, product one-sheets, social media graphics, and more. The content is used by both the marketing and sales teams to generate interest and initiate conversations with their prospects.

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As our reputation grew within Experian, other teams came calling.

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