Digisure is an insurance technology company that allows on-demand marketplaces (think scooter rental, for example) to estimate situational risk and price insurance more exactly and fairly. Pinwheel partnered with them to establish their brand look and feel, their website, sales materials and marketing.

What We Created

Brand Identity, Brand Story, Logo Redesign, Website, Iconography, Process Graphics, Demo Site, Sales Deck, Investor Deck, Product Postcard, Business Cards

The insurance industry is a dinosaur of the business world that doesn’t change unless it is forced to change (yeah, just like banks!). This creates opportunity and, during the advent of digital transformation, gave rise to a sub-industry called “insur-tech.” DigiSure is among this group of digitally-savvy start-ups that saw the hole and rushed to fill it. Specifically, there was a hole in the area of risk assessment for the on-demand or mobile economy. 

If you rent an electric scooter and opt for insurance, the way that insurance is priced doesn’t take your clean driving record or personal factors into account. DigiSure works through these on-demand platforms to provide insurance specific to the risk inherent in each situation. The result is that safer people don’t subsidize unsafe people. It helps the platforms generate trust and keeps their prices down for the most desirable customers.

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What started as a simple sales deck project became a complete rebrand for the company that cascaded into a new website and identity package.

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