Brightloom provides small fast casual restaurant chains with the same integrated technology that the giant global brands have for a price that they can afford. Pinwheel teamed up with sister agency Active Ingredients to develop Brightloom’s brand look and tell its story through sales presentations. The key brand design element was a playful “thread” that connects and runs through everything.

What We Created

Brand Look & Feel, Sales Deck (2), Website Graphics

Developing the Sales Deck

Brightloom came to their digital agency (and our office-mates), Active Ingredients, to help create a new sales deck to tell their story, and a new brand look and feel. In turn, Active Ingredients tapped Pinwheel to collaborate on the work. In addition to the two upfront briefing meetings, Brightloom shared a voice guide, a sales deck that was longer than what they wanted, several messaging documents, and a CEO email. Pinwheel synthesized all of that information and crafted a short, powerful story. 

At the same time, we created a mood board to give them a sense of where we wanted to take the brand look and feel. The concept we leaned into was to have a single thread that weaves through all of the communications (loom = thread). We felt that would help reinforce the concept that the technology was fully integrated and therefore simple to operate. The thread was to have a “playful personality,” as well, as it wove in and out and around type, illustrations, and other visual elements.  A library of unique illustrations was developed to help the company represent the technology solution visually.

Throughout the course of our engagement, we helped Brightloom with two versions of their sales deck (the story did change and evolve over time) as well as homepage illustrations to help bring the solutions to life on their site.

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Brightloom brings the digital flywheel approach to the restaurant industry and enables brands to connect with their customers through a seamless combination of mobile engagement, loyalty, omni-channel digital ordering and data science-as-a-service.

— Businesswire, 2019

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