11 Pro Tips for Giving Feedback on Creative

By Todd Anthony, Founder, Head of Strategy

1. If they don’t do this on their own, be sure to ask the creative team to explain their rationale, how they got to the solution, why they like the idea.

2. Start with what you like about the creative. This is actually really useful for the team to know.

3. Remember: It’s not really about what you think, it’s about what the audience would think.

4. Consider if your thoughts/reactions are objective or subjective (starting with “I think…I don’t like…” is a good giveaway).

5. Consider posing your feedback as a question. ”Did you consider using larger type in the headline?

6. Be specific and give the reason for your feedback.

7. Ask yourself how (and whether) the creative executes against the brief.

8. Ask yourself if it’s consistent with the brand.

9. Don’t solve the issues, just point them out and let the creatives solve them. That’s what they do best.

10. Be kind, but be honest.

11. Make sure the feedback has been consolidated and filtered (and, if possible, organized). Don’t hand your creative team a jumble (saves time & budget & rounds & sanity

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