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Helping People Live Healthier, Happier Lives

Wellness is a trillion dollar industry that’s still growing today. Turns out, people want to start living satisfying, well balanced, healthy lives. Technology has opened so many doors for innovators that many people working in wellness are still sorting out what the opportunities are and how best to deliver them to consumers, employees and companies.

Employee wellness programs

To cut down on absenteeism and high healthcare costs, employers have turned to wellness companies that address underlying causes like chronic disease, stress, and other factors. Pinwheel has worked with wellness innovators like FitBit, Livongo, and others to develop audience profiles of Human Resources decision makers as well as the messaging, marketing and sales enablement materials to bring them in the door. 

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Pinwheel offers unparalleled service. Over the course of three years, we’ve developed a very intimate relationship with Pinwheel—they’re an indispensable part of our team’s success.
John Kim, Content Marketing Manager

Habit-tracking technology

A lot of what wellness apps deliver is content designed to help track habits and change them. They track mood, blood pressure, exercise, goal achievement, eating habits, sleep and more. Pinwheel has worked with many wellness companies like Nokia Health, Livongo, Babycenter and others to help develop the in-app content, UI copy, feature names, in-app tours, video how-to’s and more to help users change to healthier behaviors.

Featured Case Study

Livongo Health

We worked with Livongo’s design, content and marketing teams, to develop their brand and market their innovative AI-driven approach to chronic disease management.

Imagining Reality

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