Fitness Content marketing

Helping People Form
Better Fitness Habits

Our bodies don’t need expensive, clunky machines 3 miles away to get in shape. Fitness needs to adapt, and we can help. We’ve worked with exercise physiologists, trainers, curriculum developers, and fitness execs. We’ve been to IHRSA, taken train-the-trainer courses and sold into every fitness audience including trainers, military, pro athletes, gyms, and consumers.

The home gym explosion

Coronavirus was the catalyst, but it was inevitable. All you need is a clever piece of training equipment and a smart, well-cued training program. Pinwheel can develop your content and marketing to help your message spread. We also can help with naming, packaging, in-store promotion and more.

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People are going to make a major shift to work out at home and, long-term, I don't think that's going to change.
— Dusty Schlotfeldt, VP of Sales, Precor Home Fitness

We can help motivate
and retain customers

People tend to renew their commitment to exercise on New Year's Day and peter out by mid February. At Pinwheel, we are obsessed with the psychological theories behind habit formation and bring that knowledge to our copywriting, content strategy, and design for both our fitness and our wellness clients.

Featured Case Study

TRX Training (to come)

Pinwheel founder Todd Anthony helped TRX develop its brand voice, brand manifesto, video content, naming, print ads, emails, workouts, blog content, online ads, gym signage, packaging, and more. Side effects: he got into amazing shape.

Imagining Reality

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