The Society of Corporate Decency

What if there was a group that corporations could join called the Society of Corporate Decency? What if they had a credo that they all lived by that sounded like this:

  1. We follow through on all of our promises.
  2. We don't mince words or toss around double speak in an attempt to avoid doing the right thing.
  3. We don't develop systems designed to frustrate customers or otherwise gyp customers out of what is rightfully theirs.
  4. We don't try to get customers to agree to things that aren't in their own best interests.
  5. We don't try to hide the facts in small type or bury them on web pages that are hard to locate.
  6. We do everything we can to try and make ourselves available to our customers if they need help.
  7. We don't try to profit off of technicalities that we ourselves devised and labelled "corporate policy."
  8. Quite simply, we make a product or offer a service that has inherent value and we sell it at a fair price to our customers. Period.
  9. We don't give money to political campaigns or otherwise try to influence elections so that we can curry favor with politicians or organizations and ultimately change policies in our favor.
  10. We don't sell things that are bad for people's health.

These all sound like thing a decent company would agree to. But I just don't know many that would. However, I firmly believe that doing this would be more profitable than the endless tactics companies invent to undermine people in the name of profits or cost cutting. Who's with me?

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