Copywriting and woodworking have much in common

Oh we could talk. We could go on an on about the Pinwheel copy philosophy and process. Copy is something that we're deeply passionate about. But this time we're going to keep our mouthes and our keyboards quiet and let this video explain, via the beautiful metaphor of woodworking, the art of copywriting. By the way, this applies to design and video creation as well.

What we will click and tap about, however, is the importance of great marketing copy. Just saying those two words together, "marketing copy" makes you think about basic text that fits a space in the design that is generally about the topic of the page. But, in truth, it CAN BE soooo much more.

The written word, after all, is neurologically linked to the human decision making process. Visuals do not enjoy this same connection. Done properly, a fine piece of copywriting can be 10-100X more persuasive and effective than a standard piece of copywriting. But more than that, a fine piece of writing will have a lasting positive impact on your brand. It can be hugely memorable. It can become part of the popular lexicon. Remember the Apple "Here's to the crazy ones" rant that drove their long-term "Think Different" campaign? It takes time to craft that sort of thing. It takes work, re-work, and ruthless self-criticism to get that sort of thing just right. Steve Jobs was an artist in many respects, not least of all in writing.

I wonder if he ever worked with wood.

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